Okay, I have done more research at the http://www.heritage-history.com website and think I will start there.  I am trying to decide if I should get the Curicullum CD or just order the Online Course – the first topic we will do is the “Young Readers” section.  My daughters are 9, 6 and 3 – and my 9 year old is a voracious reader.  She has gone through most of the “Classic Starts” books and is starting to read the adult versions of the books – she already has read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the first 5 Wizard of Oz books, and many more.  I need to get her Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Anyway, where I was going with is just to note that she has a very good reading level – and so does the 6 year old – when she wants to.

I already ordered one of the Eggleston (sp?) books and look forward to reading it myself.  By the time my daughter finishes reading that then I should have a decision on what to purchase through Heritage.




A few weeks ago we decided to take the jump to homeschool my three girls.  This blog will serve as a place where I post information about my travels with this, and where people can comment or provide advice.  My girls would be 4th grade and 1st grade (we also have a 3 year old, but she will go to Montessori this year) – my wife stays home during the day, so will have most of the direct work, but I need to do all the organizing.

For math, we will be using Khan Academy, which the girls already have accounts on – although I need to spend some time on it to make sure that I know where they are going with it.

For history, I am exploring the reading list and classes available at http://www.heritage-history.com which so far appears interesting.

I am thinking about the other subjects and will post on them as I get there.

Now, for some groundrules in the comments.  I am treating this as my front porch – language or attitude that will get you asked to leave my front porch will get your comment deleted – with or without mention.  I am Roman Catholic – any disparaging comments about religion or Catholicism will get deleted and most likely the user banned (based on how obvious it is).  The purpose of this blog is only to discuss homeschooling and sources for learning – not to debate religion or politics.

Any posts or emails sent to me I will use in any way I see fit (including posting them to make fun of them – I got that idea from ratbags dot com – an Australian guy – I don’t always agree but he has a funny way of dealing with people trying to bully him.)

And now I need to go to work…  Hopefully more in the future.